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  • RM388.00RM688.00

    April Promotion

    Package A – RM488.00 Package E – RM588
    1000pcs A5 Flyers 5000pcs A5 Flyers
    1000pcs Letterhead 10 boxes Namecard
    10 boxes Namecard
    Package F – RM688
    Package B- RM388.00 5000pcs A5 Flyers
    2000pcs A5 Flyers 1000pcs Letterhead
    10 boxes Namecard 10 boxes Namecard
    Package C- RM588.00 Package G – RM688
    1000pcs A4 Flyers 5000pcs A4 Flyers
    1000pcs Letterhead 2000pcs A5 Flyers
    10 boxes Namecard 10 boxes Namecard
    Package D – RM 488
    1000pcs A5 Flyers
    1000pcs Letterhead
    10 boxes Namecard
  • RM200.00

    Crystal Trophy

    MOQ- 20 pcs
    Customized design Crystal Trophy
    We can customize any 3D image engraved inside.
    3d model designing charge separately.
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    CS GEN II FEVER SCREENING SYSTEM adopts infrared radiation measurement technique to measure body temperature by non-contact means. It provides audio alarms when a person with elevated temperature passes by. Features
    • Intelligent measure algorithm
    • Identity recognition
    • Quick installing, easy operating
    • For orderly flow scenes
    • Recording and searching
    • Auto Audio Alarm
    APPLICATION Suitable for public places with large flow of people such as:
    • Airports
    • Transportation hubs
    • Shopping malls
    • Schools
    • Enterprises
    • Hospitals
    • Companies
    • Supermarkets
    • Religious places - Mosque, Church, Temple
    • Office Buildings - Government and Private
    • Local councils - DBKL, MPPJ etc.
    • Hotels etc.
  • RM50.00RM100.00

    Name Card Single Sided – Matt Laminated

    Namecard Offset printing Lead time: 2 days MOQ: 2 Boxes RM25 per Box
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    Safety EDC Contactless Door Opener Copper Key Chain

    Wearing gloves while you’re out and about is a great idea to limit your potential exposure to the coronavirus, not to mention to other viruses and bacteria.Still better is using a tool that means no part of your body — gloved and soon to be washed though it may be — ever comes into contact with potential viral hotbeds like the handle of a sink in a public restroom, the door latch of that taxi or Uber, or the keypad at the gas pump as you fill up the car you depend on for your essential job.We researched a number of elegantly simple devices that serve as an extension of your finger and create a barrier between you and all sorts surfaces that would be otherwise unavoidable in the course of everyday life, not that life these days is anything like the everyday we all knew before the coronavirus outbreak.Forbes THIS IS A MADE TO ORDER PRODUCT. PLEASE BE PREPARED FOR DELAY IN DELIVERY (AVERAGE 14 DAYS) DUE TO THE CURRENT LOCKDOWN - MCO